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Khushi Enterprises deals in Iron, Steel and stainless steel fabrications, pipes and fittings, paints and hardware, sanitaryware, Cpvc, and PVC pipes. We also provide Overbridge services like Water tank, H Frame, Well Foundations, Jack and Clamp, Tracktor Dala miscellaneous metals fabrication, erection and design-assist services for the high- tech manufacturing, hospitality, gaming, biotechnology, and Housing.

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Steel is the most recycled material in North America, according to the Steel Recycling Institute. More than 68 million tons are recycled each year. All new steel made in North America contains recycled steel, making steel the preferred material in “Green Building” initiatives.

There are two production methods for steel, EAF (electric-arc-furnace) and BOF (basic oxygen furnace), each using different amounts of recycled materials. Structural steel beams in the US are produced by EAF and contain at least 90% total recycled content, saving energy that would have been used to extract the raw material from the ground, and saving our landfills by encouraging the recycling of your old clunker, that washer or dryer, and old farming implements. While the BOF production method uses at least 25% recycled materials and relies much more heavily on raw materials – this steel is primarily plate, angles, tubes and flat bars, the material that connects the steel beams in the field.

Early Involvement is the Khushi Enterprises Difference Skill

Early involvement in construction projects is a key element to our continued success and a cornerstone in our client relationships. As a structural steel fabrication company committed to quality and client satisfaction, early involvement in construction projects allows us to influence the overall success of the project for the client. We incorporate Value Engineering opportunities and drive the early construction schedule, thus saving weeks off of the traditional “hard bid construction” method. Our database of construction costs allows us to create realistic construction budgets to work from so that structural steel design and detailing can take place concurrently, and steel fabrication can commence, while conventional projects are still moving through the bid and clarification process.
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The greatest savings in cost and schedule can be achieved through the design-build project delivery system. Worries about competitive bidding are unnecessary since fast-track construction projects that are fluid, with design holes and anticipated changes, give the little guarantee that the final cost will resemble the original cost estimate.

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The company's mission is to provide cost-effective and quality products and services for Iron & Steel Fabrication projects. We aim to serve our customer needs by bringing value to all projects through quality service. We hold an exceptional reputation in regards to our quality in delivering finished metal projects in Patna, Bihar.
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